Universal Hiit is High Intensity Training Studio's delivering challenging Body Remodelling workouts in a large group environment.

Universal Hiit unlike most group fitness studios, does house treadmills, elliptical and pin loaded strength training machines giving our clients a very large variety of quality fitness equipment, including rowers, free weights, kettle bells, suspension straps, ply-metric boxes and bags, slam balls, medicine balls, club weights, battle ropes, sledgehammers, spin bikes, power bands and much more. Our unique Functional Training format gives our clients the best of both worlds. Whether it's weight loss or lean muscle gains our program will deliver results. 

Universal Hiit studio's are intimate and not at all confronting, our family of clients will motivate you and our team of professionals will encourage you. 

Every day every session is different, with a mixture of functional everyday movements, strength and conditioning, high intensity interval training with a full body focus. Our team burn more calories and gain more lean muscle. 

At Universal Hiit our team of highly talented professionals make sure our clients never witness fitness plateaus not to mention catering each exercise for every fitness level by adjusting weight loads and demonstrating alternative moves that vary in level of skill, providing a workout suitable for all experience levels.

These workouts are drawn from highly knowledgeable meticulous experts that build sequences of extremely effective exercises that demand our clients give 100% in exchange for real results.  

Most of all our studio's are fun, the music is loud and the sessions are high in spirit and the vibe is contagious.